Housechurch is how we "do life together." We weren't made to walk the Christian journey alone. Sunday worship is vital, but we need people around us to pour into us in deepening friendships, and that happens best in a small group setting. (Acts 2:46; 20:20) Put simply, a housechurch is a small group of adults who meet regularly to study God's Word, enjoy fellowship, and grow in Christ. 

They often meet in homes at different times and dates. Check the list out below for one that may interest you. Give them a call or just show up! We encourage folks to "test drive" a group to see where you feel most comfortable.

  • William & Jessica Wilder

    Corey & Megan Fader

    Sundays: 5pm

    Meets at the church

    Contact: 919.906.4446

  • Justin & Ellen TIlghman

    Matt & Alicia Henderson

    Wednesdays: 7pm. 

    Meeting location varies

    Contact: 919.631.7509

  • Randy & Karen Outland

    Wally and alma Burge

    Tuesdays: 7pm

    Meets at the Burge's Home (2723 Dogwood Ln Kinston)

    Contact: 522.5892

  • Rob & Paula McArthur

    Wednesdays: 7:30pm

    Meets at the McArthur's Home (507 Hollywood Ter., Snow Hill)

    Contact: 747.8473 or 560.8802

  • Margaret & Win Edwards

    Burt & Ashley Rudolph

    Mondays: 7pm

    Meets at the Edwards Home (704 West Rd, Kinston)

    Contact: 560.9473

  • Bryan & courtney johnson

    Josiah & lindsay Corrigan

    Wednesdays: 8pm

    Meets at the Johnson's Home (1702 Cambridge Dr)

    Contact: 521.3533

  • Clyde & beatriz austin

    David & anne albritton

    Wednesdays: 7:00

    Meets at the Albritton's Home (903 West Rd, Kinston)

    Contact: 527.0146

  • Allen Foster


    Sundays: 9am

    Meets at the church (conference room)

    Contact: 933.9851