What we are all about...

Grace Fellowship is a non-denominational fellowship that exists to Connect to Christ and Connect to the world.

Connect to Christ means that we surrender to him daily and get to know him more. There are three main ways we connect to him: ScriptureCommunity and Service. We gather each Sunday (9 & 10:30a) to grow through expository preaching from Scripture that's accessible for all and worship that expresses our joy and awe of a holy God. However, community goes beyond the service, by joining in a small group (called "Housechurch") to do life together, rooted in Scripture and expressed in caring fellowship. If we are the body of Christ, then every time we serve together, we connect to Christ. The more I connect to his body, the more I connect to him!

Connect to the world is a calling to be Light, Salt and Love to a lost, hurting and lonely world. As light, we are the faithful presence of the Gracious God. As Salt, we are the preserving agent in this decaying world. As Love we move toward people because God does. We strive to live connected to the world is so that more of our friends, family and neighborhoods can in turn connect to Christ. Part of our "connect to the World" endeavor is inviting people to surrender to Christ; trade their sorrows for his joy, their sin for his eternal life!


We are on a 3-year journey (begun in 2016) toward the next phase of ministry of Grace in 2020. Much has already been accomplished, yet there is more to do! For the full vision, click here

Our theme is Ps 66:5: Come and see what God has done, His awesome deeds on behalf of mankind!

UPDATE as of Nov, '17: 

1. Construction: The upstairs is now complete! It's being used weekly for Youth group, small group discipleship, education, and various meetings. (see pic below) - praise the Lord!

2. Mortgage payoff: The debt has been cut almost in half in 1 year! Mortgage is now below $290,000 on the $2.3M facility.

3. Church Planting: We have officially hired Austin Gannett as director of the Residency program (July, 2017) and ultimately to be sent out to plant a new church! A team is now meeting to lead us into our first church plant!

Praise the Lord for His faithfulness to and through His people!

Sunday Service Times

9am (Room 203)

10:30am (Sanctuary)