Hurricane Matthew Relief

Hurricane Matthew has devastated many in our community. 

You can help donate to relief efforts by clicking below. At Grace, we are committed to being part of the solution by helping folks as much a possible with the resources entrusted to us. We are partnering with the Red Cross and launching our own efforts to feed, clothe and support local individuals and families as we have opportunity.

Who we are

Grace Fellowship is a non-denominational fellowship that exists to Connect to Christ and Connect to the world.

Connect to Christ means that we surrender to him (daily!) and get to know him more. There are three main ways we connect to him: through Scripture, Christian community and Service. "These are the words that testify about me" Jesus said about the Bible (Jn 5:39). The more we seek him through the Word, the more we find him in it! 

We gather each Sunday (9 & 10:30a) to grow through expository preaching from Scripture that's accessible for all and worship that expresses our joy and awe of a holy God. However, community goes beyond the service, by joining in a small group (called "Housechurch") to do life together, rooted in Scripture and expressed in caring fellowship. If we are the body of Christ, then every time we get together and serve together, we connect to Christ. The more I connect to his body, the more I connect to him. We are God's hands and feet in this community and around the world. We serve the King by serving others. This is a way of connecting to Christ: the more I pour myself out in service for him, the more he pours into me. 

Connect to the world is a calling to be Light, Salt and Love to a lost, hurting and lonely world. As light, we are the faithful presence of the Gracious God. As Salt, we are the preserving agent in this decaying world. As Love we move toward people because God does. The reason we strive to live connected to the world is so that more of our friends and family and neighborhoods can in turn connect to Christ.

A big part of our "connect to the World" endeavor is inviting people to surrender to Christ; trade their sorrows for his joy, their guilt for his peace, their shame for his love and kindness, their fear for his power, their sin for his eternal life, their loneliness for his everlasting family!

Connect to the world. Connect to Christ. Come join us, and find a new connection in life! Below are a couple of examples of how we do this, together.


House church is a small group of adults that meet during the week at the church or in someone's home. This is how we grow deeper with Christ and in community. How to get connected? Watch below or click here

Connect to Serving

As we abide in Christ He produces fruit in us! (John 15:8) One way He does this is allowing us to serve His purposes. There are many ways to do this at Grace. Hear about it from some of our team members!