Roadmaps in the Books of Moses Course

Join me on a journey into the First Five Books of the Bible. 


“Roadmaps in Moses” is a course to help you grasp what God is saying to us in Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. 


This course will help you

     -Learn the storylines, characters, and themes of these 5 books.

     -Gain confidence in how God acts in our lives, by watching him in these lives.

     -Connect the dots to the rest of Scripture from these foundational 187 chapters.


No more intimidation.

No more uncertainty.

No more confusion.

This course will also help you with possible life changes. Do you feel… 

     -Like you are in bondage somehow… Meet the God of Exodus, as he delivers his people. 

     -Like you aren’t sure if God can accomplish his purposes in your life… Walk with God through Numbers, as he overcomes a dozen obstacles to his Plan. 

     -Like it doesn't seem like God's really in control... Let God carry you through Genesis, as he sovereignly initiates everything.


This course has 9 teaching segments, each of them around 15 minutes. 


It comes with PDF worksheets to help you take notes and see the full Roadmap for each book. 


You will walk away with greater joy and assurance in knowing God’s character, purposes and ways as he reveals them here. 


And you will watch your own character, purposes and ways be aligned more with His. 


$15.00 for the course (teaching/worksheets)After payment is complete a password will be issued to access content.