Core Values

1. Grace-Oriented: We are saved by God’s grace in Christ. Therefore, we are a grace-oriented people. Because God has extended unmerited favor to us, we extend grace to one another in hopes of unity, growth and witness, according to God’s Word.

2. Expository Teaching: We believe in the accurate exposition and application of the entire Word of God as biblical truth in our lives.

3. Prayer: We believe the practice of individual and corporate prayer should pervade all we do. We are totally dependent on the Lord, and we seek to align ourselves with His will.

4. Housechurch: We believe a home-based, reproducing, small-group discipleship ministry is the most effective means of reconciling and building loving relationships, stimulating spiritual growth and maturity, and developing leaders.

5. Corporate Worship: We believe God calls us to gather together regularly to worship Him by singing songs (both new and old), and practices of baptism, communion, and corporate Scripture reading.

6. Christlikeness: We believe in the active process of character transformation, initiated by God and sustained by the Holy Spirit, whereby the disciple intentionally strives toward becoming like Christ in every area of life.

7. Missions and Outreach: We are called to pray for and evangelize the lost in our community. We also pray for, support, and send laborers into God’s great work of missions around the world.

8. Children and Student Discipleship: We believe it is our responsibility to train our children and students to understand and apply God’s Word in their lives. We do this by teaching Scripture, modeling Christ-like attitudes & behavior, and encouraging their growth.

9. Lay Leadership: We are an elder-led, staff-run, lay-powered church whose ultimate expression is the mobilization of a body of Spirit-gifted, Spirit-empowered believer-priests who minister in their spheres of influence in order to fulfill the Great Commission.

10. Stewardship & Generosity: We believe in the discernment and utilization of God-given resources including spiritual gifts, time, talents and financial resources in order to edify the Body of believers and evangelize our community.

11. Relevance and Excellence: We believe we are called to present the unchanging message of the Gospel in a culturally relevant manner with excellence in all that we do.

12. Integrity: We lovingly hold one another accountable to live lives that are honest, trustworthy and faithful to the Word of God.