First Steps With Christ


Beginning a New Journey is exciting. It can also be daunting. Many questions bubble up: who is Jesus exactly? How does God want me to live? What does following Jesus mean for __________ (you fill in the blank: my friends, my decisions, my work, etc.)


Here’s what I would encourage you with: God loves you. And just like when you love someone, you want their best, so does God want the best for you. Over the next few days and weeks, watch him unfold what his best for your life looks like. You’ll discover it’s your best!


Three things are going to be of most help to you in these first few weeks of your new life with Christ.


First, Let God speak to you every day.

As almighty and exalted as God is, he also WANTS each of us to know him and grow close to him. He’s given us the Bible to be our guidebook to know him, our love-letter from him, our “constitution” for how to live life. Set aside a special time every day to open his Word, read it and think about it. Click here to download some helps on “hearing God’s voice in Scripture”


Second, Talk to God every day, numerous times!

Again, God loves you. And wants to hear from you. You can pray every day, any time. Set aside some time (driving to work? while doing the dishes? While working out?) to talk to him. And, pray “breath prayers” as often as you need his leading through the day – “Lord, Help me in this conversation” “Lord, lead in this meeting” “Father, I’m tired, please give me energy.” The more you talk to God, the more real he will be to you. Click here for help in praying.


Third, Connect with others who belong to Christ (aka, jump into a church).

Can you imagine an army where every soldier is on his or her own, with no squads and platoons? Or a football team that only sends one player out at a time? A Christian alone is a Christian in danger. Get together with others who belong to Christ. Go where God’s people are, and you will grow like you can’t imagine. We’d love to have you at Grace as part of this family. But if that’s not possible, we can help you find a Christ-exalting local church where you can both grow and overflow to others!


I’d love to correspond with you if you’d like. Feel free to email me at

Every Blessing,

Jason McKnight

Lead Pastor, Grace Fellowship Church