HouseChurch is how we do life together and our main path for adult discipleship at Grace. 

We weren't made to walk the Christian journey alone. Sunday worship is vital, but we need people around us to pour into us in deepening friendship, and that happens best in a small group setting as we dig into scripture, together. Put simply, a HouseChurch is a small group of adults growing together in Christ. 


Our HouseChurches meet in different places and times during the week. Look at the list below and check out a HouseChurch at Grace this week! It is ok to visit several to find one that fits you the best!


  • Frank & jennifer bland

    Mike & Stacey wiggins

    Sundays: 6pm

    Location: Grace Fellowship Church - Room 112

    Contact: 252.560.4895

  • Jason & Susan Mcknight

    Trey & Amanda Mooring

    Sundays: 6pm

    Location: Grace Fellowship Church - Room 121

    Contact: 522-5799


  • Burt & Ashely Rudolph

    David & amanda baker

    Mondays: 7pm

    Meets at the Rudolph house (Kinston)

    Contact: 521-5234

  • Housechurch for Special Needs

    Jimbo Perry leads this group for our special friends. It's a very sweet time where folks are cared for, listened to, and equipped with God's Word. Call Jimbo for details. 

    Mondays: 6pm

    Meets at the Perry home

    Contact: 560.4566


  • Randy & Karen outland

    wally & alma burge

    Tuesdays: 7pm

    Meets at Outland home (Kinston)

    Contact: 521.1352

  • Clint & mary Rouse

    Wes & Margaret Ellen Atkinson

    Tuesdays: 6:30pm

    Meets at the Thompson home (Kinston)

    Contact: 204.9987

  • Jacob & Claire Valliere

    Jacob & MacLaine Hunt

    Tuesdays: 6:30pm

    Meets at the Valliere home (Kinston)

    Contact: 703.626.1241


  • Clyde & Beatriz austin

    david & Anne albritton

    Wednesdays: 7:00

    Meets at the Albritton's Home (Kinston)

    Contact: 527.0146

  • justin & ellen tilghman

    Dan & Nichole Hathaway

    Wednesdays: 7pm. 

    Meeting location varies

    Contact: 919.631.7509

  • bryan & courtney johnson

    josiah & Lindsay corrigan

    Wednesdays: 7:30pm

    Meets at the Johnson's Home (Kinston)

    Contact: 521.3533

  • rob & paula mcarthur

    Wednesdays: 7:30pm

    Meets at the McArthur's Home (Snow Hill)

    Contact: 747.8473 or 560.8802

  • Dan & elizabeth owens

    kent & mary henderson

    Wednesdays: 7:30pm

    Meets at Owens or Henderson home (Kinston)

    Contact: Kent 468.4714

  • Garrett & Caroline Lanier

    Wednesdays: 6:30pm

    Meets at the Lanier's home (Kinston)

    Contact: Caroline 939.5021