Vision 2020 is 3-year Capital Stewardship Campaign. 

We are on a journey by God's leading toward the year 2020.

5 major goals we long to see by the year 2020: 

Three are expansions of our current ministry:

  1. Adult Discipleship: Developing a "model for maturity" for every believer.
  2. Student and Children Discipleship: Deeper spiritual roots in a "total discipleship" environment.
  3. Missions Expansion: Every person involved in missions (give, pray, go), new partners & church planters sent overseas, and a greater heart for those who've never heard of Christ. Goal of 30% of budget to missions.

Two are new areas of calling:

  1. Multi-ethnicity: More ethnically diverse church body and strategic partnerships to reach the full cross-section of our community.
  2. Church Planting: Multiplication of disciples by equipping and sending out church planters.

3 financial pathways to resource these goals:

  1. Complete the upstairs:                        $150,000 (Complete!)
  2. Pay off the mortgage:                          $550,000 (Complete!)
  3. Start planting churches:                      $300,000 (See progress below)

Total over the course of 3 yr commitments = $1,000,000

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UPDATE (as of December '19):

1. Mortgage is paid off! (on $2.3M facility)

2. Upstairs is complete and being used throughout the week for student ministry, worship, education, and discipleship!

3. We have two church planters in launch phases of new churches in Greenville and Durham this year! Click here for

     the Church Plant page.

Praise the Lord for what He has done in less than 3 years!